business analysis

business analysisit’s about understanding

Where you are. Where you need to be. Why you need to move forward. What your options are, and who can help you achieve results. Our scope covers your processes, systems & IT, and the people who use them.

it’s about new viewpoints

We work with businesses to help you break down problems (and yes, “opportunities”…) into chunks of information we can discuss, explore, digest, and make decisions about.

We listen, question, challenge and bring our tools, approaches and broad experience to the table to help you try new points of view on solving system & process problems and gaining competitive advantage.

it’s about answers & new ideas

We do business analysis projects from quick meetings about high level needs right through to multi-week, structured explorations of requirements, processes and operations.

We work with People, Process and Technology across industries – the common thread is usually that information, intellectual property, is a key part of what your business does or relies upon.


examples: some of what we’ve done

  • Defined, started, overseen and collated business and user requirements for a specialist regional retailer who replaced their core Line of Business application (many branches, several hundred users). Multiple days over several months.
  • Engaged with stakeholders from Exec and Non-exec board through managers and team leaders to front-line staff for key process analysis, in order to spot process “choke points”, define new system requirements, and go through system and product selection. National charity, ca