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Can Short Assignments Deliver?

Some time ago, founder Keith Shering was being filmed for our intro video; and in the spare time at the end, the cameraman shot some off-the-cuff footage of Keith answering his questions.

In this short video (approx 3 mins), Keith considers whether you can start to make a difference to a business with just a few hours work.

Link to video: Can you make a difference in a few hours? (link to YouTube), or click on the video below.

Chortling With The Chimp

MailChimp LogoThis brief blog post is a hat-tip to MailChimp, the service we’ve started using for the Monthly-ish Updates recently.

I smile almost every time I use the service – instead of “email sent”, “details updated” or “new subscriber”, you get funny little lines like:

Fine piece of work!
You totally deserve a raise!

The MailChimp Crew Continue reading

The Headline Test

What might Concorde crashing on take-off, and the Iraq War Inquiry tell us about making business decisions?

I often end up in situations where I am helping businesses make tricky decisions, some of which may have been put off for some time. They usually involve big, important things that affect people, profit, livelihoods, even lives. Continue reading