Critical Action was founded to help organisations make the most of the ideas, opinions, questions, information and capabilities that they largely already have, but which need organising, nurturing and insight in order to turn them into real results from actual changes.

Employing consultants can sometimes be seen as writing a blank cheque whilst simultaneously losing an element of control. Our view is that many of the benefits of people/process/technology consulting can be gained through discrete, short-sharp engagements, which catalyse improvements whilst leaving you steering the ship.

We capitalise on the fact that the biggest changes in motivation and behaviour happen during the meeting, during the workshop, during the brain-storming session. When people walk out of the door, the enthusiasm starts to dissipate, diluted by the day to day pressures that return on the walk back to the real world. Hence, we aim to achieve a lot of discussion, debate, exploration and if possible decision, when people are face to face, whether one-to-one or in groups.

We then assemble the information and conclusions from the